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Dedicated to helping all Michiganders lead Healthy, Active Lifestyles





Michigan Moves Coalition 

The Michigan Moves coalition is comprised of the primary physical activity stakeholder groups in the state, dedicated to collaboration, advocacy, and actions to ensure all Michiganders lead healthy, active lifestyles throughout all stages of life.

Michigan Moves 2023 Impact Report

Click on the file below to download the report

Michigan Moves Month

“Michigan Moves Month”, to be observed during the month of May, is an annual initiative with the vision and mission to promote and encourage every Michigander of every ability to embrace diverse forms of human movement in the pursuit of an active and healthy lifestyle.

A robust platform to create a unified effort to share advocacy for healthy, active lifestyles, Michigan Moves Month is a collaborative effort dedicated to positively impact the health and physical literacy of Michiganders across societal settings from cradle to the sunset of life.


Together, these stakeholders, organizations and agencies can strive to work together to create and provide quality, accessible, and sustainable programs and services that can serve to enhance physical and mental health and well-being throughout the state of Michigan.


The Michigan Moves Month initiative can serve to enlighten and ignite the awareness and support needed from our state legislators, public health, medicine, the media, and the public at large to collaboratively facilitate a physically literate culture where every Michigander can possess the competence, confidence, comprehension, and motivation to participate in regular physical activity throughout the lifespan. With unified passion and purpose, all stakeholders can work together to generate the collective impact needed to improve health, prevent disease and disability, and enrich the quality of life for all. 

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